Deep Dish, Flatbread or Neapolitan Pizza

Deep dish pizza and flatbread pizza both have countless dedicated fans all around the planet. Whether you’re in North America or head to the Land Down Under, you’re certain to find people who enjoy these pies. Although both types of pizzas are undeniably delicious, it’s difficult to say which option is actually superior. In most cases, individual tastes may determine which kind of pie actually wins.

Deep dish pizza is known for its characteristic crust that’s very thick. If you like very doughy pizza crusts, then you’ll probably be in camp “deep dish” all the way. Chicago, Illinois is famed for its classic deep dish pizzas. These pizzas are distinctive because they’re prepared inside of deep pans. They’re also chock-full of hearty and mouthwatering fillings. If you’re a fan of a lot of cheese and tomato sauce, then you can’t really go wrong with deep dish pizzas. Specific types of cheeses that are usually used to prepare these pies include mozzarella and parmesan. Meat also is typically a major component in the preparation of deep dish pizzas. If you love sausage, then you’ll definitely appreciate many of the deep dish pies that are available out there.

People who like pizza pies that tend to seem “continental” and sophisticated may be better off eating flatbread pizzas. It’s no surprise that flatbread pizzas are highly common sights on menus in eateries in France and Italy alike. Although flatbread pizzas are without a doubt a little bit thicker than traditional thin crust pizzas, they can’t compete with deep dish pizzas in that department. If you’re someone who really is all about hearty and filling pizzas that make you feel like you can barely stand up after you’re done, then you’re probably someone who will prefer deep dish pizzas over their flatbread counterparts.

Flatbread pizzas also tend to be topped by a lot of fresh and appealing vegetables. If you look at a flatbread pizza from a distance, it’ll probably appear very colorful to you, with its mix of spinach, sliced tomatoes, red onions, green onions, olives and peppers galore. If you like variety in your dining, then you may favor flatbread pizzas over deep dish pizzas, which tend to be a bit more uniform. Other diverse and delectable toppings that are commonly seen on flatbread pizzas include scrambled eggs, goat cheese, prosciutto, arugula, pears, bacon, cheddar cheese, pesto and even barbecue chicken.

If you’re looking for a solid answer in the age-old debate between deep dish and flatbread pizzas, you should look inward and figure out what your pie preferences are. Deep dish pies are great for those who love hearty foods and classic pizza ingredients. Flatbread pizzas, on the other hand, are great for those who appreciate more culinary diversity.

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